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Tio Pepe’s owner, Pepe Garcia, was born into a family of successful restauranteurs, making the leap to open his own restaurant  only natural. This passion dates back to 1953 when his grandpa opened his first restaurant, which is still open to this date. From there, with his entrepreneurial spirit and success, his grandpa continued to open other successful restaurants. Pepe’s mother grew up watching her father's establishment flourish. Paired with her husbands' love for cooking, they to decided to follow the family tradition and open their own group of successful restaurants. Now it’s Pepe’s turn. 


Pepe spent the last decade traveling the world, living everywhere from Thailand, London, and Mexico to his current home city of Austin, TX. One thing he took with him on his adventures was a sense of community and family fueled by good food. Everywhere he went, he invited new friends to come together around his table to tell stories, enjoy comradery and the simple pleasures of life. He is now bringing this sense of community, driven by food, to Austin with his flagship restaurant, Tio Pepe Chicken. Inspired by the depth of Portuguese spices and cooking over an open flame, Pepe hopes to bring the simplicity of good food back to the table and offer a unique and relaxed space where people can come together. 

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